Diverse Range of Treatments and Cosmetic Procedures

With Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery, you are assured a reliable and refined service with a commitment to quality, a professional and private consultation that prioritizes your satisfaction for optimal results. We provide a diverse range of services including facial treatments and enhancement procedures. (Click on box below)


Chin Enhancement

Deep Facial Lines


Oily Skin

Sagging Skin

Acne Scars


Excessive Fat

Loose Skin

Open Pores

Sun Damage

Age Spots

Dull Skin Tone

Fine Lines

Nose Bridge


Uneven Skin Tone

Meet Dr. Mendis

Dr. Mendis is dedicated to quality, service and image enhancement with a focus on improving his clients overall quality of life. This means that, in addition to aesthetic treatments, Dr. Mendis is dedicated to the well-being. His approach is to view his patient as a whole help each individual address diet, exercise, body and skincare, and ways to de-stress their life.

Dr. Mendis extensive client list is comprised of Singaporeans, expatriates, and international patients from around the world. His friendly, open approach quickly puts his patients at ease, whatever their cultural background.

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